Ochre, Purple & Teal, 76x76cm, oil on canvas, FOR SALE >
Yellow, Red & Prussian Blue, 67x67cm, oil on canvas, FOR SALE >
Nelly in the studio, Oil on canvas, 122x91cm, 2020 – FOR SALE >
Headspace II, Oil on canvas, 51x51cm, SOLD
Headspace, oil on canvas, 51x51cm, SOLD
Phthalo Blues, Oil On Canvas, 91x46cm, 2020 – SOLD
Red Oxide, Oil On Canvas, 91x46cm, 2020 – SOLD
Ellipse, Oil On Canvas, 24x48in, 2019 – SOLD
Glass Ceilings, Oil On Canvas, 24x48in, 2019, SOLD
Monochrome Nude Study, 2020 – SOLD
The Lady of Shalott, Oil on linen, NFS
Red, Oil on wood, 23×30.5cm, 2021, SOLD
Commsissioned portrait, oil on linen, SOLD
Closer than my shadow
Still Lives series No. 2 – Closer than my shadow, 2019, Oil on linen, 84x38cm, SOLD
Solitude, Oil on Linen, 2018, SOLD
Resilience, 2020, 56x76cm, Oil on linen, SOLD
Portrait Commission for YSC
Oil on Linen, Winner of People’s Choice Award 2017 – SOLD