Headspace II, Oil on canvas, 51x51cm, $1900
Headspace, oil on canvas, 51x51cm, $1900
Ochre, Purple & Teal, 76x76cm, oil on canvas, $4150
Yellow, Red & Prussian Blue, 67x67cm, oil on canvas, $4150
Phthalo Blues, Oil On Canvas, 91x46cm, 2020 – SOLD
Red Oxide, Oil On Canvas, 91x46cm, 2020 – SOLD
Ellipse, Oil On Canvas, 24x48in, 2019 – SOLD
Glass Ceilings, Oil On Canvas, 24x48in, 2019 (For Sale – Exhibiting at Clayton UTZ Art Prize, Brisbane)
Monochrome Nude Study, 2020 – SOLD
The Lady of Shalott, Oil on linen, 2019
Red, Oil on wood, 23×30.5cm, 2021
Commsissioned portrait, oil on linen
Closer than my shadow
Still Lives series No. 2 – Closer than my shadow, 2019, Oil on linen, 84x38cm
Solitude, Oil on Linen, 2018, SOLD
Nelly in the studio, Oil on canvas, 122x91cm, 2020 – Currently exhibiting at Burrinja Gallery
Resilience, 2020, 56x76cm, Oil on linen
Portrait Commission for YSC
Oil on Linen, Winner of People’s Choice Award 2017 – SOLD